Kern County Real Estate & California City Development

...Top Growth In US.

Kern County is home to not only Silver Saddle Ranch but to a growing number of big players in US business including alternative energy, space exploration, finance and more. With plenty of room for expansion as well as the Governor’s blessing the area extends a welcoming invitation to companies and judging by the area’s economic growth, they are taking the Governor up on it.

Companies in Kern County

The following is a partial list of companies calling Kern County home...and more are coming!

Citibank General Electric
Credit Suisse Mitsubishi
ING Capital Credit Agricole Securities
Hyundai Motor Car So. California Edison
Rabo Securities MUFG Power & Utility
Vestas Energy Bank of Montreal
StratoLaunch Rocket Propulsion Corp.
Flight Research Inc. Flight Test Associates
The Space Ship Co. Fire Star Technologies
BAE Systems National Test Pilot School
Barclays Capital UFJ Securities
Terra Gen Power Google
Rabobank Virgin Galactic
EnXco Scaled Composites
Xcor Aerospace Siemens

What is Next?

Successful real estate investing requires several things to thrive.

1) A healthy economic base
2) Plenty of room to grow
3) Infrastructure readily available
4) A core attraction or “hub”

Kern County, California City and, more specifically, Silver Saddle Ranch provide all of these in healthy doses. With the variety of opportunities available and the momentum of growth developing, the time for investing in the area is now. Learn more by visiting Resources.